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Event Information

Event Date:
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Number of Expected Guests:
Hall Name: Hall Address:
Hall Contact: Hall Telephone:
Dinner will be served at: Dancing Music Start:
Dancing Music End:
Dinner Music: If other, please specify:
For entertainment you are requesting:  Disc Jockey Light Show Uplights Big Screen/Projector Gobo Ceremony Services Indoors or Outdoors  Indoors Outdoors
(Important Note: If the event is outdoors, a covered performance area such as a tent or shelter must be provided for Spotlight DJ's Entertainers and equipment. Also, electrical power must be available at the site.)

Contact Information

Bride's Name: Groom's Name:
Contact Address: City:
State: Zip Code:
Phone Number 1: Phone Number 2:
Contact Email:

Ceremony Services

If you are not requesting Ceremony Services you may skip to Reception Introductions.
Ceremony Start Time: Ceremony Location:
If same as reception hall above, enter same.
Processional Song 1: Processional Song 2:
Song for Candle Lighting/Sand Pouring: Recessional Song:
Other Ceremony Notes:

Reception Introductions

Will you have a prayer?  Yes No Will you have toasts/speeches?  Yes No
When will toasts be?  Before Dinner During Dinner After Dinner Would you like a Grand March?  Yes No (If no, skip down to the "Wedding Reception" section of the form)
How would you like the Grand March announced?  Faster (Spotlight DJ's Party Style!) Slow (Traditional)
Faster (Spotlight DJ's Party Style): Each couple is introduced to faster more upbeat music and the bridal party is encouraged to be energetic and fun-loving!
Slower (Traditional): Each couple is introduced to slower music so they can walk in for pictures.
Bride's Parents: Groom's Parents:
Ushers: Children or others to mention:

Bridal Party

(Please use phonetic pronunciations where needed.)

Couple 1: Couple 2:
Couple 3: Couple 4:
Couple 5: Couple 6:
Matron/Maid of Honor & Best Man: Bride & Groom:
What song(s) would you like for your Grand March?
Need Song Suggestions?
Any Additional Special Notes for the Grand March?

Wedding Reception Show Details

Need Song Suggestions?
Will you have a Bride & Groom First Dance?  Yes No Song for Bride and Groom's First Dance:
Will you have a Wedding Party Dance?  Yes No Song for Wedding Party Dance:
Will you have a Father-Daughter Dance?  Yes No Song for Father-Daughter Dance:
Will you have a Mother-Son Dance?  Yes No Song for Mother-Son Dance:
Would you like a dollar dance?
(guests pay $1 for dance with bride or groom)
 Yes No Would you like a generations dance?
(special dance to see which couple on the dance floor has been married the longest)
 Yes No
Would you like a Garter/Bouquet Toss?  Yes No Will You allow us to take requests during the evening?  Yes No
Is there any special music you will be bringing?  Yes No If yes, please let us know what music:

Style of Music

Spotlight DJ's generally plays a wide variety of music throughout the evening starting with oldies and graduating to newer music as the evening progresses. To give us a better idea of what you would like played for your evening of entertainment, please rank the following categories of music from 0-5.
5 = Music style you would like played during the evening.
0 = Music you would not like played during the evening.
50's/60's Swing Polka/Big Band/Waltz
70's (Disco) Country Hip/Hop
80's Dance/Techno/Club Top 40
90's 2000's R & B
Other Style:
Please indicate any other information, requests or instructions about your event below:
Have a Play/Do Not Play list? Copy and paste it in the text box to the above or upload it here. Note: Only .pdf .doc .docx and .txt files can be accepted.
Do You Have a Copy of Your Floor Plan? Upload your floor plan below. Note: Only .pdf .doc .docx .jpeg .jpg and .png files can be accepted.

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Thank you for your interest in Spotlight DJ's!
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